Twigaearn, New Online Business for Kenyans and worldwide Bitcoins users. Scam or Legit?
1 year ago

Twigaearn is a Payment Service Provider that enables members in Kenya to make money online through its greatly rewarding payment plan below!

Joining the business costs a one-time membership fee of 300ksh for starter package Kenyan Shillings and you pay it once for life.

You earn through referrals in other words, the people that join the business through you. As a member you get access to your referral link which you can share with your network. , you're required to recruit at least 3 people and you earn as follows.

You instantly get paid 200 Ksh on the 1st recruit that joins the business through you and also the same amount is earned by you again when you refer the 2nd person even upto 500 users you will still earn 200ksh business.


In addition to that, your team makes you more money because you earn 50Kshs when your downlines refer and downwards for life!


As a reminder your earnings are paid directly to your mobile money that is M-PESA for Kenya and you can withdraw anytime.




How to tell if a business is a Scam

·         Usually, they are not registered

·         They do not have work permits and certificates

·         They do not solve any problem

·         Scams keep asking for a registration fee every month

·         Withdrawal of your money is limited to a certain day or Time

Why Twigaearnis NOT a SCAM

 It is a registered company