About Us

Twigaearn is a Electronic Marketing Company,that connects everyone and makes a change in their current lives.We have put together a Set of E-Books that teach you about Money.Become a Starter plan member and read all the books you want for 300ksh only paid once without any kind of commitment.

We Empower You To Empower Others by Using A System that Pays You an Affiliate Commission as You Rank Higher in the Group.

How It Work

We have a very comprehensive compensation plan that ensure that you make money consistently on our platform.

Activate your account

Activate your account by choosing your desired package. Payments done through Mpesa or Bitcoins for non-Kenyan users


Invite your friends to our site by sharing link. You will earn bonus for every friend you invite that joins our site

Get Paid

Cash out your hard earnings. We pay our members through Bitcoins and Mpesa for kenyan users.

Our Plans

We have a very comprehensive compensation plan that is inclusive of everyone in Twigaearn.


300 KES

  • Direct Referral Bonus : Ksh0
  • L1 : Ksh200 X 500 = Ksh100000
  • L2 : Ksh50 X 250000 = Ksh12500000
  • Total Level Commission : 12600000 KES
    Returns 4200000% of Invest

Why Choose us

Twigaearn is a trusted registered company in partnership with Twigasoft


We are a registered company to safe guard your finances


At twigaearn, we take security seriously so every payment made on our platform is 100% secure.


Receive upto 1000% of your investment


We also accept bitcoin payments and crypto payments is automated.


Polite and qualified support staff are ready to solve your problems


Twigaearn is a global company you can join from anywhere in the world

What People Says

Testimonies from Twigaearn active members

Great concept thanks to twigaearn for making me relise my financial dreams in just few days i had made 6000 kes paid to my mpesa account am thankful


Twigaaern as the best compensation plan and fast payout i recommend this site to friends and family.


I just earned 5000 kes paid to my mpesa from Twigaearn Thankyou for the wonderful platform


Video Presentation

We want to be a trusted business partner to our clients. Our “good name”, our reputation, is paramount. Our word is our bond: we say what we mean and we do what we say we will do.

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Twigaearn is a Payment Service Provider that enables members in Kenya to make money online through its greatly rewarding payment plan below! Joining the b...